The Children

  • Stephanie

    Stephanie, 6

    She is full of smiles and loves to be hugged. She is playful, funny and a pure joy to be around.

  • Orlando

    Orlando, 6

    He is quiet yet plays beautifully with the other children. He is thoughtful, kind, and gentle.

  • Love

    Love, 7

    Embodies her name completely. She always has a smile on her face, and has already proven herself as a leader, taking care of the younger children.

  • Michaela

    Michaela, 7

    She is a burst of sunshine. She always has a smile on her face, and loves to skip, sing and play.

  • Alex

    Alex, 6

    He is quiet yet very active and loves to play sports. He loves hugs and blowing bubbles.

  • Onise

    Onise, 5

    Pure love. She is small for her age yet fearless and full of courage and strength. She is sweet as can be!

  • Wensley

    Wensley, 4

    He is quiet, well behaved and thoughtful. He loves to draw and play games.

  • Rose

    Rose, 6

    Rose is the older sister to Onise. She is often by Onise's side looking out for her and making her laugh. Rose is a sweet and loving little girl.

  • Isaac

    Isaac, 8

    He is soft spoken, well mannered and very curious about things. He takes care of the younger children and is a pleasure to be around.

  • Kervin

    Kervin, 4

    He is shy yet very bright and loves to attend class and learn. He loves to eat and enjoys mealtime!

  • Elnaika

    Elnaika, 4

    She is feisty and has an outgoing personality. She loves jokes. Her smile brightens up an entire room.

  • Steevens

    Steevens, 4

    He loves to play, is athletic and social. Steevens was the first child to be brought to the center, and is absolutely thriving.

  • Wilson

    Wilson, 6

    He is playful and loves to be around all the kids. He enjoys playing games and being read to.

  • Alfredina

    Alfredina, 10

    Alfredina is the oldest girl at the center, and she loves taking care of the younger children. She loves art, is patient, filled with love and always smiling.

  • Wisken

    Wisken, 6

    Wisken is very intelligent. He learns fast. He gets along with everybody and is very playful with all the kids.

  • Ginjina

    Ginjina, 9

    Ginjina is always full of smiles. She loves dancing and you will often see her twirling around in the courtyard. She also loves tending to the younger children.

  • David

    David, 11

    David is the oldest boy at the center, and loves to organize games and activities for the kids. David loves sports, and is always eager to play ball.

  • Ketia

    Ketia, 5

    Ketia loves stuffed animals and dolls. She has a sweet, nurturing quality about her, and is usually cradling 3 or 4 dolls at once.

  • Sammy

    Sammy, 9

    Sammy is full of smiles and energy. He loves playing with the other children, and often initiates games and play time! Sammy especially loves playing soccer.