jcc_gallery_09Would you like to volunteer at the Jacmel Children’s Center? We would love your participation. You can either go by yourself, and volunteer for a week, a month, you name it. We welcome your participation, contribution, talents and skills.

You can also join Jacmel Children’s co-founder, Lisa Rueff, who frequently leads volunteer trips to Jacmel to visit the Children’s Center. Join her humanitarian trips for unique and intimate cultural adventures, and experience first-hand the opportunity to make a sustainable impact by providing meaningful volunteer services. You can help uplift communities and work hand-in-hand with our Haitian hosts, creating social and economic solutions where there is a real need for assistance.

Trips offer an enriching week of helping to rebuild the beautiful community of Jacmel through a variety of services and activities involving service work, social, educational, and cultural interactions with the children and community members of Jacmel. From playing with the children to teaching English to enjoying a myriad of arts, dance and crafts, you will experience an entirely new perspective on the world.

For more information about volunteering at the Jacmel Children’s Center, please contact Lisa at lisa@collectivehearts.net.