Support a Project

Please join us in helping build the orphans of Jacmel a beautiful, green and loving home! We’ve already funded the construction of the Center 100%! This includes a water well and solar panels so we are energy and water self-sufficient!

Now let’s raise money for the kitchen, laundry and bedding needs of the center. All additional proceeds beyond these items will go towards supporting the operational needs of the Center.


Nourish the kids

To help nourish the children we support, we are currently funding the purchase of a refrigerator and freezer, allowing us to store and save food longer.

Donations start at $25


Clean clothing

As part of our care for the children, we’d love to be able to regularly provide them with clean, fresh clothing. To help us with this we are currently raising money to purchase a washer and a dryer.

Donations start at $100


Bedding and comfort

Providing a safe, comfortable place for the children to sleep is vital to their happiness. Can you help us raise the money to purchase bedding and sheets for a sound sleep?

Donations start at $300