The Team

Bonite Affriany, Children’s Center Founder

Bonite, originally from Haiti, is considered to be the “Mother Theresa” of Jacmel. She is a nurse by trade and currently serves daily lunches to over 300 children and dozens of senior citizens that otherwise would not be able to eat. She is a spiritual leader in her community, providing faith services and a refuge for many in her community. At her current facility (adjacent to the JCC), she offers a food bank, micro-lending program, clothing and diaper/formula distribution, free medical care, and adult education classes where she teaches mathematics and reading/writing in Creole and French as well as bible study and song. She also feeds prisoners in the local jail twice a month, providing them with toiletries and needed goods, and finances temporary housing to families in need.

Bonite works with local women and families in the management of her food bank, lending, and education services. It is planned that the Center will have several live-in “house moms” to look after the children, as well as to provide educational instruction.

Bonite welcomes volunteers and visitors from all countries and encourages visits!

Stephania Livette, Assistant Children’s Supervisor

Stephania cleans and washes the kids. She is responsible for the children’s hygiene and care. She also helps with the feeding during the 3 meals a day.

Marjorie Jean Louis, Assistant Children’s Supervisor

Marjorie plays with the kids, helps with their maintenance, from bathing them to helping brush their teeth. She also helps at their school.

Nadia Belizaire, House Mother

Nadia and her husband Onike love the kids their own. They are very concerned for the kids well-being and are dedicated to the future of these kids.

Onike Etienne, House Father

Onike and his wife Nadia live at the orphanage and treat the children as their own. They are loving, nurturing, thoughtful and so attentive to the kids.

Marguerite Exil, Cleaner

Marguerite cleans the orphanage. She has meticulous attention to detail and is very hard-working. She was the first employee of the orphanage months before it opened.

Agathe Louis, Cleaner

Agathe hand-washes, hangs and then folds all the children’s laundry everyday. She also helps with the children’s hair and their overall maintenance.

Ironne Alexis, Cook

Ironne prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner for the 15 kids. She also cleans all the dishes, pots and pans by hand.

Romelus Dieupher, Guardian

Romelus is the watchman of the orphanage. He is in charge of security and monitors every visitor coming through the orphanage.

Cinde Monsam, Fundraising Coordinator and Board Member of Random Acts

Cinde is a board member and former Executive Director of Random Acts, a non-profit that is the primary funder of the Jacmel Children’s Center. Partnering with Misha Collins, she helps to develop strategies to breathe life into his vision of a better world and helps to make dreams into reality by ensuring the goals and mission of Random Acts remain in sync, funded and successfully executed. Currently an executive in the aviation industry, with 31 years of business management experience, she leads the team of talented, dedicated staff volunteers. Cinde is longtime supporter of community activism and is or has volunteered with 4-H, Girls Scouts, United Way, American Red Cross, Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity, American Cancer Society, community food banks/pantries/soup kitchens, Optimist Clubs, Junior Achievement, and her church’s mission and outreach programs. Cinde says, “I sincerely believe and enthusiastically support the mission of the Random Acts organization. Kindness should be fundamental to our interaction with each other. At Random Acts, we hope to provide the path that leads others to instill kindness in every action with every person, every day.”

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Lisa Rueff, Founder and Fundraiser

Lisa Rueff has been leading international humanitarian trips for over 10 years. She has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for global causes, focusing on sustainable solutions to provide basic needs for women and children. Leading international yoga and service trips abroad, she encourages her students to discover the joys of philanthropy and volunteer work. She has coordinated and led dozens of volunteer trips to Jacmel. She helped start up the Do it For the Love Foundation (a wish-granting non-profit for people with life-threatening illnesses to meet their favorite musical artist) and partnered with Virgin Unite and led international philanthropic “Connection Trips” worldwide with Ambassadors Richard Branson and Her Majesty Queen Noor. She taught at Yoga Tree, Yoga Works, Red Dragon Yoga, Bay Club Yoga 02 Aspen. Lisa has been featured and published in Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Origin Magazine, The Examiner, Marin Magazine, Ode and more. She has served as an Ambassador for Lululemon and A Circle of Grace Member at Zobha.

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Philip Schneider, Founder and Fundraiser

A former investment banker, Philip is now a business development consultant and operator to for-profit companies that support non-profit endeavors. He was a founding partner in Acre Partners LLC and LL Ventures LLC, boutique New York/London investment banks. The firms focused on real estate and technology investments, managing and raising over $500 million in private client and corporate funds. Philip left the investment banking world to work with actor Misha Collins on building content, products and online crowdsource platforms (such as GISHWHES) that entertain and inspire while generating funds to support non-profits. He sits on the board of the non-profit Random Acts, an organization inspiring thousands to commit random acts of kindness worldwide, and is a co-founder and on-going supporter of the Jacmel Children’s Center in Haiti.

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