About Us

Philip (right) and Lisa (left) with Bonite Philip (right) and Lisa (left) with Bonite

The construction of the Children’s Center is an exciting collaboration among Haitian community leaders and US concerned citizens.  To achieve our mission, we are combining creative social media fundraising, highly skilled design and construction experts and forward thinking nonprofits and community members.

Husband/wife team Philip Schneider and Lisa Rueff went to Haiti last year to help start a construction school for orphaned teenagers (they and their volunteers brought down 750 pounds of tools in their checked luggage!), helped finance and construct Jacmel’s only dental clinic, and brought thousands of dollars in clothes, toys and medical supplies to several orphanages.

On the trip, they were drawn to community leader Bonite Affriany, who currently feeds, educates and provides faith to over 280 children every day while also offering micro-loans to her local community.

They learned that Bonite’s dream was to be able to build a permanent Community Center that could house, feed and educate many of the current children that she nourishes as well as serve as a refuge for other members of the Jacmel community.

Philip and Lisa decided to spearhead a development group to achieve this objective. They are thrilled to have friends and colleagues in the non-profit arena, green construction and social media worlds who have stepped forward and volunteered their time and money to achieve this dream. They hope this powerful combination of social media, sustainable products, and caring local communities can help create a future template for development fundraising projects worldwide.

Philip and Lisa continue to actively seek financing, humanitarian and social media partners to further establish this model as a fundamental way to leverage social media with high profile personalities to help change the world. If you are interested in becoming involved in their effort as either an organizational, individual or corporate partner, or as a volunteer, please get in touch.