The Jacmel Children’s Center offers love, a home, education and a better future for the orphans in Jacmel, Haiti. The Center is a beautiful 12,000 sq. ft. two-story orphanage and school located on the southern coast of Haiti. There are 27 children currently living at our non-adoption orphanage, ranging in age from four to eleven years old.

By educating and nurturing the children of Jacmel in a safe, loving and productive environment, we celebrate the opportunityl for these children to grow into intelligent, kind and motivated adults that will help enrich Haiti. We focus on the physical, social, spiritual, emotional, and educational needs of the children, and create opportunities and sustainable programs for their well-being and future.

Your contributions are greatly appreciated and go quite a long way at The Jacmel Children’s Center. To take care of a child’s needs for an entire week costs $25. Your contribution goes directly to their food, clothing, education, medical care and overall well-being. We are fortunate to work with Random Acts, a non-profit that is 100% volunteer-based, so all of your contributions are greatly appreciated and go directly to the children.